​​​​​​​The proposal is to provide overlooking and active frontage to the park with two new park topped cultural public buildings that support the park and wider city and to provide a number of biodiverse areas within the site. 
A new formal line of trees and colonnade is located on the south side of the square allowing sunlight and view of the Christchurch elevation to be opened up,  creating a new central gathering space.
The South Main Street Neighbourhood area to the west contains a new park topped building, planting, play areas and a street side public area with seating.  An amphitheatre containing a water garden and the city wall are proposed at the Grand Parade end.  The amphitheatre provides a stepped and seated event and performance space.  It is proposed to make the use of surface rainwater within the park a central theme in the design.   The water garden will improve water quality by filtering runoff, provide localized flood control, create an aesthetic landscaped site and provide diverse planting opportunities.  
The existing city wall is exposed with a protected undulating top that follows the original top of the wall to make the wall more readable.  
Two Park topped buildings are proposed, one is beside The OVAL and the other is at the Grand Parade / Tuckey St. Corner. Both will be public in use. The latter being a public event /exhibition building. Inside there will be a glass floor which exposes the city wall to view. Park lighting will be powered by solar photovoltaic panels located within the roof top gardens.
All of the artefacts in the park including the stone pillar, fountain, sculptures and plaques are retained and relocated.

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